I look at many collections each week & there are a number of common themes amoungst those which, while often lovingly curated, are sadly of limited retail value. Not everything offered is required but i am willing to look & advise.


Modern Commemorative Issues: These are typically issued in vast quantities & heavily promoted by postal authorities throughout the world.

Addressed First Day Covers after 1960: These too are typically mass produced & therefore have limited resale value.

Omnibus Issues: These are often prized souvenirs for the original purchaser but of less interest in the wider market. 

"Schoolboy" collections: While some became a starting point for more serious collections, typical childhood collections were understandable built with quantity rather than value in mind & this is often reflected in their value today.




  1. Do I need to make appointment when selling items ? No appointments are required but if you could call 01799 520499 before your visit I can advise of current plans.
  2. Do you charge for valuations ? If the valuation is for general interest / sale then normally no. If it is for probate, insurance etc and a letter is required then we do make a charge for this service.
  3. Do you undertake mail order ? Yes we do, payment can be made by bank transfer, card over the phone or Paypal.
  4. How long will payment take if a sale to you is made ? Normally cash is paid at the time of agreement. Larger amounts may be made by bank transfer, each purchase is different. 
  5. Do you buy Royal Mail addressed first day covers ? Sorry to say no, we normally sell them for 50p / £1 each and at present have a large supply.
  6. Do you buy stamp cards aka phq cards ? Sorry to say no, the market for these items is very depressed and to us they have no worth unless they are used overseas ones that we can tear the stamps off and then sell as kiloware. 
  7. Do you buy matchbox labels ? Sorry to say no, this is a specialist area which i have no knowledge of, there is a society that can be found on the internet.
  8. Do you buy records / vinyl ? Sorry to say no, there is a record dealer in town, there is also one a Chelmsford market and in Foxton however these are not recommendations.